Modular Medical Facilities

A CTS Modular Medical Center is composed of multiple ISO shipping containers configured for medical use. The design allows multiple

Medical-Clinic-sidemodules to be placed together to form a center that contains areas for all of the unique needs of a single location or one cohesive design that is repeatable across multiple locations to meet the needs of a large area. The modular approach means the center is able to scale and adapt as the local needs change over time.

Modular Plasma Donation Facilities

Our team has a patent pending (US 61/996,407) plasma donation center offering that is modular and scalable with FDA, CLIA and IQPP approved standard operating procedures (SOPs). This concepts meets a worldwide market need for plasma centers that are easily scalable and movable to better align with the needs of plasma consumers.

Medical-Clinic-topOptions for both facilities:

  • Seamless Integration with Access Control & CCTV Systems
  • Option for Doors and Turnstiles Configured Under Access Control
  • Optional IP CCTV with Audio and Motion Detection Capabilities
  • Custom Layout Designs to Conform to Clients’ Environment and Requirements
  • Solar, Grid-Tie, and Generator Powered Options
  • Air Conditioning & Heating Control System Options
  • Ships with All Deployable Equipment Stowed
  • Insulated Walls with Climate Control & Solar-Reflective Paint to Reduce Operational Costs
  • Pre-wired 220/110 AC outlets with Power Distribution Panel and Ethernet Networking Conduit Installed Behind Insulated Walls, with Free Space Provided for Future Expansion


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