AWARE™ Integration Platform

The AWARE­™ Integration Platform

  • Seamless Integration with Access Control & CCTV SystemsAWARE Home
  • 3D Geospatial Graphical Interface
  • Deployable as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with “Push” messaging to Clients
  • Options for Tracking and Detecting Features through Intelligent Video
  • High Performance Radar for On-Water Target Detection
  • Wired and Wireless Communication Selections

Today’s perimeter and situation awareness systems monitor security via deployment of sensors which range from video streams to radar and microwave sensors. Each offers unique surveillance attributes and unique imaging innovations.

Before actionable security intelligence can be interpreted from the images, they must be continuously scanned and analyzed for potential incursions.

This leads to the key problem in almost all security systems available today: sensory overload of personnel monitoring the data input streams! Essentially, most agencies find it uneconomic and impractical to provide the staffing required to monitor dozens of streams of security data continuously and concurrently. Video security systems are commonly practical only for forensic uses – analyzing events after they have happened.

To assure an effective level of security today requires instant detection, analysis and response. These are precisely the requirements that the AWARE™ solution fulfills.

The AWARE™ solution, developed by AbeoTS, is a unique advanced command and control, self-aware and self-healing nucleus designed to elevate existing or new security systems to the highest levels of performance possible today.


  • Provides Operators with Event Specific Dynamically-Generated Procedures
  • Dramatically Reduces False Alerts and Alarms
  • Replaces Banks of Video Monitors with a Single Geospatial Graphical Interface – Greatly Reducing Human Error
  • Correlates Events to Raise Threat Levels – Multiple Incidents Can Be Simultaneously Analyzed and Elevated Accordingly
  • Utilizes State-of-the-Art Video Content Analytics and Other Sensor Systems to Identify Policy Infractions and Prohibited Activities
  • Expedites Emergency Response in Real Time and Facilitates Multi-Jurisdictional Communication
  • Integrates with a Plethora of Existing Legacy Systems and Sensors

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