CCTV and Analytics

CCTV and AnalyticsCCTV-&-Box-1

  • Fixed & PTZ Camera Options
  • Indoor & Outdoor Enclosure Options
  • Low-Light, Infrared (IR), and Thermal Camera Selections for Nighttime Viewing
  • IP66 Level Enclosures, Protection from Dust, Debris, Moisture, & Insects
  • Protected Enclosures Proficient for Enduring Harsh Maritime, Desert, Tropical, & Cold Environments
  • Virtually Indestructible Housing, Non-Metallic, Non-Corrosive, Flame Resistant, and Vandal Tough
  • Options for Redundancy and Reliability
  • Wireless Ethernet Networking or Microwave Communications Capability
  • Utilization of Existing Network or Formation of New Network
  • Video Analytic Options; Including Auto Detection & Auto Tracking


  • Secure and Encrypted Security Network
  • Motion Detection & Tracking Functionalities
  • Power Over Ethernet Capabilities
  • Cooling & Heating Capable Enclosures
  • Spacious Enclosures for Additional Devices
  • Solar Reflective Enclosure
  • Proven Video Monitoring & Recording Systems
  • Extensive Language Support
  • Remote Viewing & Control (Regional or Local)

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Our Approach to CCTV & Analytics (Requires PDF Viewer for Download)

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