Modular Security Centers

 Integrates Wind, Solar, Diesel Generator, and Grid Power Selections

Deployed onto our Oil Terminal Security Project in Djibouti, North-East Africa, withstanding one of the harshest environments

Modular Security & Welcome Centers

Challenging environments call for innovative products. Our renewable energy and containerized solutions family of products provides power and facilities for everything from on-demand temporary remote locations to permanent self-sufficient structures.Command Center 1
Designed to withstand harsh environments, our family of products provides the versatility to deploy in any environment while ensuring maximum up-time.

These customized units fill the need for durable, high quality office spaces from construction yards to manufacturing facilities.

  • Seamless Integration with Access Control & CCTV Systems
  • Option for Doors and Turnstiles Configured Under Access Control
  • Optional IP CCTV with Audio and Motion Detection Capabilities
  • Custom Layout Designs to Conform to Clients’ Environment and Requirements
  • Solar, Wind, Grid-Tie, and Generator Powered Options
  • Air Conditioning & Heating Control System Options
  • Optional Radar, AIS, Microwave, and Communication Sensor Selections


  • Ships fully assembled as (1) or (2) 20 ft. ISO containers providing 8′x20′x8.5′ or 16’x20’x8.5′ interior space
  • Ships with All Deployable Equipment Stowed
  • Insulated Walls with Climate Control & Solar-Reflective Paint to Reduce Operational Costs
  • Pre-wired 220/110 AC outlets with Power Distribution Panel and Ethernet Networking Conduit Installed Behind Insulated Walls, with Free Space Provided for Future Expansion
  • 4-6 KW of Power for 5 Days of Autonomous Battery Capacity

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Welcome Center Data Sheet (Requires PDF Viewer for Download)

Multi-Purpose Command Center Data Sheet (Requires PDF Viewer for Download)

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